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Pork Lovers Sampler


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    • 4 lbs Parker’s Famous BBQ
    • Parker’s BBQ Signature Vinegar Sauce
    • 2 lbs Sausage Links
    • 1 lb Parker’s Uncured Bacon

(All sales are final and extra sauces can not be added to your order after checkout is complete.)  

Each Package of Parker’s delicious Whole Hog Barbecue contains 2 pounds! Order now and have our famous BBQ shipped to your door anywhere in the United States!

Each Pound Feeds 4 People.

Please note that BBQ ships on Tuesday. Orders placed AFTER 12:00 PM on Mondays will be shipped on the following Week.


How Will My Package Ship?

  • Our BBQ and sides are shipped frozen and all of our packages are shipped on dry ice in Styrofoam coolers. We ensure there is an ample amount of dry ice so that our BBQ stays intact during transit.

How long will it take for my package to be delivered?

  • BBQ ships on Tuesday mornings. Orders placed AFTER 12:00 PM on Mondays will be shipped on the following Week. FedEx Transit times can be between 1-3 days. Packages in NC, SC, VA, and MD can be expected to arrive the day after it is shipped on Tuesday. All other states can expect a 2-3-day transit time from the date of shipment. All orders on the west coast are expressed shipped to ensure they are delivered within the 3-day time frame.

Who can I contact in regard to my order?

  • All questions regarding shipping can be answered via email at info@parkersbbq.com. We currently do not have a direct line for shipping, if you call one of our stores to leave a message, we cannot ensure a prompt response. However, we can ensure a faster response via email. Be sure to leave your name and number at the bottom of the email.

Can I make a custom order?

  • All BBQ Packages come as they are. No changes can be done to any orders. We are currently working on new and exciting things to bring to our customers every week but currently, we cannot make any changes to our packaging as they are now.

Will the E-Gift card work for in store purchases or purchases made through your app?

  • No, E-Gift cards will only go towards BBQ shipping orders made online.

Add Extra BBQ Sauce Bottle

No Extra Sauce, Add Parker’s Vinegar Based BBQ Sauce $5.75, Add Parker's Sweet Red BBQ Sauce $6.25


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